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But remember, you dont have to do everything at onceand its OK if you dont get each detail right on the first try. "Approach each challenge piece by piece, calmly and without pressure," says Barrington. "Learn from your mistakes, and youll come up to speed at your own pace. "Being on your own is a big adjustment, Greynolds adds, so its a good idea to reach out to others as you make the transition. "Youre not the only one whos uncomfortable or scared," she says. "Other people have had to deal with the same problems, and you can learn from their advice.

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However, associates came to feel that the only real performance measure was the amount of profits they could produce. In order to achieve top ratings, everyone in the organization became instantly motivated to do deals and post earnings. Employees were regularly rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5s usually being fired within six months. The lower an employees PRC score, the closer he or she got to Skilling, and the higher the score, the closer he or she got to being shown the door. Skillings division was known for replacing up to 15% of its workforce every year. Fierce internal competition prevailed and immediate gratification was prized above long term potential. Paranoia flourished and trading contracts began to contain highly restrictive confidentiality clauses. Secrecy became the order of the day for many of the companys trading contracts, as well as its disclosures. Coincidentally, but not inconsequentially, the U. S. economy during the 1990s was experiencing the longest bull market in its history. Enrons corporate leadership, Lay excluded, comprised mostly young people who had never experienced an extended bear market. New investment opportunities were opening up everywhere, including markets in energy futures. Wall Street demanded double digit growth from practically every venture, and Enron was determined to deliver. In 1996 Skilling became Enrons chief operating officer. He convinced Lay the gas bank model could be applied to the market for electric energy as well. Skilling and Lay traveled widely across the country, selling the concept to the heads of power companies and to energy regulators. The company became a major political player in the United States, lobbying for deregulation of electric utilities. In 1997 Enron acquired electric utility company Portland General Electric Corp. for about $2 billion. By the end of that year, Skilling had developed the division by then known as Enron Capital and Trade Resources into the nations largest wholesale buyer and seller of natural gas and electricity. Revenue grew to $7 billion from $2 billion, and the number of employees in the division skyrocketed to more than 2,000 from 200. Using the same concept that had been so successful with the gas bank, they were ready to create a market for anything that anyone was willing to trade: futures contracts in coal, paper, steel, water and even weather. Perhaps Enrons most exciting development in the eyes of the financial world was the creation of Enron Online EOL in October 1999. EOL, an electronic commodities trading Web site, was significant for at least two reasons. First, Enron was a counterparty to every transaction conducted on the platform. Traders received extremely valuable information regarding the long and short parties to each trade as well as the products prices in real time. Second, given that Enron was either a buyer or a seller in every transaction, credit risk management was crucial and Enrons credit was the cornerstone that gave the energy community the confidence that EOL provided a safe transaction environment. EOL became an overnight success, handling $335 billion in online commodity trades in 2000. The world of technology opened up the Internet, and the IPO market for technology and broadband communications companies started to take off. In January 2000 Enron announced an ambitious plan to build a high speed broadband telecommunications network and to trade network capacity, or bandwidth, in the same way it traded electricity or natural gas.

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