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The function of tattoos are only understandable through chemistry, in which different compounds of elements react to form the ink colorants, where both organic and metallic compositions are shown in numerous states of oxidation. The oldest pigments used in tattoos came from using ground up minerals and carbon black. The diversity of ink colors that often are incorporated throughout todays tattoo designs, have dramatically increased thanks to advancements in chemistry. Todays pigments include the original mineral pigments, modern industrial organic pigments, a few vegetable based pigments, and some plastic based pigments, Helmenstine. With this writing technology, there are numerous components involved in the creation of different colored inks; all which can have multiple effects reacting in the skin. For example, as shown in the article, Tattoo Ink Chemistry, the author states, The safest blues and greens are copper salts, such as copper phthalocyanine, Helmenstine.

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Break it down like this first reading 15 minutes second reading 20 minutes third reading 25 minutes. As far as I am concerned if would can be used in repeated action in the past both used to and would are interchangeable. Sustainable means stable. Reading Passage has 6 paragraphs A F . Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND Here you can download Word versions of all the Life Reading texts and use them to create your own activities. This book contains the most common mistakes made by candidates at band 6 in writing.

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An artist resume can be one to four pagesin length. Most artists have two versions prepared: a longer and shorterversion. Its often best to use a professional paper stock, in white orivory. The style of type varies, and can add to the resumesprofessionalism. Artist Proposal:Standing out from the crowd with dynamicwriting/shaping/editing Artists also use their portfolio to apply forspecific projects, funding programs, residencies, or other competitiveopportunities. These applications may ask you to submit a projectdescription, details on your approach to the project, and a cover letter. These written materials should be tightly edited and tailored to theparticular opportunity. Be passionate and sincere in the presentation ofyour work, and always conclude with thanking the panel, juror, and/ororganization for their time and consideration. Typical questions for you toanswer will be: Why are you an ideal applicant?How will you benefit theprogram or project?What technical qualifications, abilities, or personalassets can you contribute?How will you benefit from the opportunity?Howwould the project advance your career as an artist?How would you use themoney awarded?Visual Artist Portfolio:Keeping the heart and soul of your workevolving Your portfolio is the most valuable tool in your overallpresentation. Your visuals are worth a thousand words, and an arrestingportfolio can help close the gap, should your written materials be lessdeveloped, as in young artist on the career path. There are many approachesto a portfolio, depending upon the discipline. One universal ingredient to asuccessful portfolio is a sense of continuity. The transitions between andwithin subject matter must cohere. Color, tone, shape, scale, all must beconsidered when choosing what images to include and how to position them. This process involves subjectivity as well as objectivity. Most artistsbenefit greatly from feedback from a trained eye, and reactions fromuntrained eyes can also be helpful. A portfolio is most successful whenmodified and tailored, with acumen, for its particular audience. Manyartists now supplement their physical portfolio with a digital versioneither on the Web or presented on CD ROM or DVD. Stay current on new formatsand choose the methods that feature your work most powerfully and supportyour marketing goals. Email Barbarayour questions about creativity coaching and creating dynamicartist statements, bios, resumes and proposals. Learn aboutcreative action projects through her Web sites. She would loveto hear from you. Do you need content?You may use this article on yourwebsite, or in your newsletter. The only requirement isinclusion of the text above, including the active links. Thankyou. Of all the gifts God gave to man the finest is his free will.

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