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Your financial situation can affect many of your decisions. For example, how much can you spend on housing?How often can you afford to eat out?Do you have enough savings to pay for a vacation?Tracking and saving your money helps to keep you on solid financial ground. "You dont fully understand how much life costs until you have to deal with bills for the first time," says Katie Bryan, communications director for a financial services advocacy organization. "You might have to save to afford the things you want. " Budgeting. Before you can manage your money, you have to know what your finances are.

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Practical skills can be learned far quicker outside of academia, which lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to practical skills and provides distractions i. e. general education requirements and such, so if I were choosing between going to college to gain skills and learning them on my own, I would probably go the latter route. But a lot of young students entering college have no real idea what they want to do and they dont have self teaching skills, so its a good place for them to learn what they want to do. Learning specific trade style skills can e done a lot quicker outside of college. However, developing the the foundation to easily acquire diverse skills in the future is where college really gives people an edge. Of course it depends on how you approach your education. Some people go to college to basically learn a trade and this mindset significantly reduces the benefits they get from the experience. A college education will mean the world if you are trying to work for other people and climb the ladder in a company. If you climb long enough, youll become a manager, maybe make six figures, or earn whatever carrot they are dangling in front of your nose. On the other hand, what if you could somehow devise a way to earn even more money?If you sat down and thought really hard, could you think of something that you could sell over and over whether a product or service and make even more money in less time?If so, education is only worth the things you learned in school, and your degree means little or nothing. In this world, you may be the B student who hires all the A students to work for you. A college education can help, but its not the only thing that can. In some careers, a college degree is necessary just to get in the door. However, you can and will learn much more in life than you can ever learn in school. If you can demonstrate your knowledge or life education some other way on your resume or in person, you can probably get away without it. If you learn well in the school environment, then its important and valuable. What I learned in college I use all the time in my work, but Im a writer by trade. I know plenty of people who learn by doing, and for them college was not/is not that important. College isnt for everyone. I think some places are requiring college degrees for jobs where they shouldnt be required, but they do this because getting a degree has become so easy that it means very little. This causes a downward spiral where employers expect degrees, so colleges try to accommodate people who normally wouldnt have gone to college, which reduces the value of the experience, which reduces the value of the degree, etc. I think that for many of the professions, having a college education is essential. For example, would you really want someone who has not studied civil engineering to be in charge of building bridges?Or have a doctor that didnt have an MD?There are aspects of many professions that are not taught outside of the college experience. I do believe that a college education, if used properly, sets the tone and gives you the skills for a life long learning pattern. And life long learning is essential for success. As a side note, what I see most often in my current position is that the people fresh out of university with degrees in computer science cant program their way out of a bucket. Once they have a few years of experience, they are usually equal to the people who have the same amount of experience, regardless of the college degree. One of the best programmers I know has a degree in science education, but his quest for new knowledge keeps him on top of the game. When it comes to programmers, Ive found that people who didnt study computer science in college often become very valuable because they have a perspective that pure CS people dont. For example, I found that my experiences conducting orchestras was extremely useful in working with teams of developers.

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