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The plants at CNH are engaged in healthy competition on a range of KPIs. At the end of December 2011, 54 Fiat Industrial group plants were involved in the WCM programme 30 CNH, six FPT Industrial and 18 Iveco plants. Of these plants, eight sites two CNH, two FPT Industrial and four Iveco gained the Bronze level and two sites Bourbon Lancy of FPT Industrial and Valladolid of Iveco achieved the Silver level. Basildon was having an audit for the WCM Bronze award in late October. Were encouraged to share, and were quite happy to share our good ideas and vice versa, says Larkin. If we believe it to be a better practice than the incumbent, we can upload it to a European server. Central group will evaluate and verify it as a best practice others then feel free to copy it. There is a portfolio of deemed best practices within the group. By May 2011, CNH UK realised that its customers were recognising the improvements in the plant. A purposebuilt Customer Centre, paid for by the CNH group, was commissioned. Everyone on the shop floor was involved.

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