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NET2010: 21st International Networking Education in Healthcare Conference, Cambridge, 07. 09. 2010 09. 09. 2010. ET conf pdfs/PhotosNET2010/NET2010 Abstracts booklet. pdfLauder W, Burton C, Roxburgh M, Themessl Huber M, ONeill M and Abubakari A 2010 Psychosocial health and health related quality of life in school pupils 11 18 years. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19 13 14, pp. 1821 1829. oxburgh M 2010 Skills Transfer to Support Shifting the Balance of Care. Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom 2010 International Nursing Research Conference. Symposium 13: Shifting the balance of care: Implications for community nursing practice, Newcastle, 11. 05. 2010 13. 05. 2010. Label use and its relationship to dietary intake among US adults. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 110: 1233 1237Di Noia J, Contento IR 2010. Fruit and vegetable availability enables adolescent consumption that exceeds national average. Nutrition Research 30;396 402. Di Noia, J. , Contento, I. R. , Prochasks, J. O. 2008.

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