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It would be more feasible for the government to focus on homeschooling families that already have a history of child abuse rather than generalize efforts hunting for child abusers across the entire home schooling population. Another aspect of government control that alarms some homeschool parents is inspections. Even though evidence doesnt show homeschoolers with inspectors do better than homeschoolers without inspectors, the committee has recommended the continuation of their visits, despite their presence sometimes being a barrier to homeschooling registration something the committee expressly wanted to avoid. However, other parents feel judged and undermined by inspectors. They find their visits are stressful and disruptive. Not all parents find an inspectors visit unhelpful or stressful. Some find these inspections to be pleasant and very useful. These parents feel the inspectors goals are that children are educated and that inspectors give a lot of leeway for parents to make their own goals, so long as they are working towards the educational goals. Inspectors have also been introduced in order to police child abuse. But, this monitoring is done effectively by homeschooling groups something the committee has recognised. They have recommended the Board of Studies find out how to promote the membership of homeschoolers into homeschooling organisations.

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D. Crump, "Association of Parental Involvementand Social Competence with School Adjustment and Engagement amongSixth Graders," Journal of School Health, Vol. 73, No. 32003, pp. 121 126. W.

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