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Since 1993, students have been provided the opportunity to apply for and receive scholarships through the San Diego Mesa College Foundation. This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning skills. Students explore topics such as motivation and attitudes, values, goal setting, decision making processes, critical and creative thinking, personal health topics, interpersonal communication, developmental psychology, and learning and personality theories, as well as other techniques for maximizing their abilities to succeed as lifelong learners. Students apply these topics as they relate to their self development as integrated physiological and psychological entities and acquire strategies to effectively deal with issues in their personal lives and educational and career plans. This course is designed to assist students with self exploration, career transitions and career life planning in order to achieve success in a diverse society. Critical thinking skills will be utilized through a systematic approach to career development by examining values, interests, skills, life roles, personality type, personal self management, decision making and goal setting throughout the life span.

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Our goal is to produce high quality pasture raised foods, free from GMOs, added and all the synthetic chemical inputs used by conventional farming systems. We use regenerative farming practices that improve soil health, increase biodiversity, promote animal health and benefit the environment. We currently offer pastured eggs, pastured chicken and 100% grass fed/finished beef. Our Chickens diets are only supplemented with Certified Organic feeds. We offer local delivery services Monday and Thursday, on farm pickup by appointment only, and bulk meat discounts. While we follow organic practices as close as we can, we are not currently certified organic.

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Weve been so alienated from our own sense of agency that being asked to be part of any real decision is exciting, a woman in her late thirties who calls herself Beatrix tells me. Shes one of the old hands, close to the core of nearly every major radical action in New York of the past decade. So shes a little jaded, but even so, shes startled by whats happening: Movements usually spend a lot of time on education, telling people why they need to come to the demonstration. This is exactly the opposite. The people came. Now were all deciding together what happens. Right off the bat I was addicted, says Jesse LaGreca, sipping a beer at a firemans bar near the park. Two hundred and fifty pounds, with wiseguy eyes and a permanent ruddy flush, LaGreca looks like he grew up on a bar stool in a place like this. He has a decade plus of dead end jobs behind him. The best was managing a LOccitane store in the West Village $15 an hour, no health insurance. Lately, hes been making his living as a writer, posting deeply researched rants against the Republicans on the liberal blog Daily Kos and asking for donations. You put up a PayPal link and tell people, Dude, Im fucked. Can you help me?' Just before heading down to Occupy Wall Street, he wrote a post called If I light myself on fire, do you think these bastards will notice? It was a tribute to Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit vendor who did just that, igniting the Arab Spring. LaGreca also asked for a MetroCard. Im not gonna lie, LaGreca says. First thing I saw at the park was the topless girls. He knows how that sounds. Cant help it, dude. But then I saw the food lines the Occupy Wall Street kitchen, feeding all comers and then I saw the books. Im a nerd, man. I read and read. He dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, but continued his education on the job as a school janitor in New Jersey. Read all of Thoreau, Emerson, Shakespeare. Read a lot of Dostoyevsky. I was a shitty janitor. So there were books, free food and women, but that wasnt what kept him there.

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