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An efficicient publication design is important but somehow, it is always overlooked. A document with a lousy document design is useless no matter how well written the content may be. This subject is a very informative and valuable one as it taught me how to publish an effective and informative document, as well as producing different types of documents myself. I never know publication can be such an interesting topic, and I am very lucky to be given the chance to learn it. My lecturer is always so patient and knowledgeable in her field, it is imporrible not to gain much knowledge from this subject. Issues in publication and design taught me many things and gave me a head start experience in the media field, and it is something I will definitely use in the near future. Reference:Dwyer, F and Moore, D 1994, Section IV: Visual Design, Visual Literacy: A spectrum of visual learning, Educational Technology, New Jersey, pp. 164. Image source: Dreamcatchersforabusedchildren. com, 2009Cases of bully do not just happen in real life, but also in cyberspace. This shows that bullying issue is becoming more and more serious.

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Garfield was the 20th President of the United States. He was the second president to carry the shortest tenure within the history of America, of just 200 days resulting from his assassination. James Garfield served as a major common within the American army and was additionally the member of the U. S. House of Representatives. George H. W. Bush was sworn in because the forty first President of America. It was throughout his tenure, he concerned America within the struggle between Iraq and Kuwait, popularly referred to as the Gulf Warfare. America witnessed the autumn of the USSR, during the presidency of George Bush. He is the father of the forty third president, George Bush.

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The Times is writing lovingly about such protest notables as one character named Hero and another called Germ. One NBC broadcast called it a demonstrations against corporate greed, though how they were able to figure that out from the morass of demands is anybodys guess. ABC claimed some Tea Party members have been down to Liberty Square to lend their support. They didnt explain how many hours they searched to find a few wayward Tea Partiers. Staffers at the Russian government supported Russia Today took a reliably anti Wall Street stand and recalled the Arab Spring protests, saying this was American Spring. Does that make Obama equal to Egyptian dictator Mubarak?Always comforting when Russians attack bankers. Last time they worked for Lenin, not Putin, but neither was pro freedom. Protesters complain that the Tea Party has gotten more news coverage, but they seem unaware most of that has been savagely negative. You wont see many old school journalists roaming this crowd looking for the most extreme loons, though that would be the easiest assignment in journalistic history. But despite the lefty craziness and standard media affair with such, even the protesters arent 99 percent wrong. A web page devoted to horror stories of people trying to make it in a tough economy has far more impact than anything a bunch of protesters can manage. One man is unemployed, uninsured and battling cancer. Another is the parent of a young girl who wants a puppy but they have been unemployed for three years and cant afford it. No human could be unmoved by such agony, such fear. Even there, though, the protests fall short. Mixed among the true hardship cases are people who voluntarily took on too much college debt. Young adults struggling with $30,000, $50,000 or more than $100,000 in student loans and surprised theyre hard to pay off. And, of course, the occasional guilt ridden lib who makes three times the median income but feels bad because he or she had parents who could afford to send me to really good schools. My heart aches. Thats the crux of the problem with Occupy Wall Street. It doesnt distinguish between real problems Americans have and lots of things that reflect poor choices.

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