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I worked long and hard developing ideas to make academic writing and TOEFL Prep more interactive and it seemed to pay off handsomely. I had more work than I could cope with, easily pulling in 35 40,000 baht a month and this was the mid 90s I moved to a much better apartment on Petchburi Road with luxuries such as a separate bedroom and cable TV. An elderly teacher, who we referred to as Uncle John, joined the ELS teaching staff. John had been in Thailand for about 20 years and rented a large house on a Thai moobarn housing estate He told me about the days when he opened his home to private students and earned himself 500 baht an hour teaching them I was earning about 300 baht an hour at the time. "You could easily earn another 10,000 baht a month by doing a few hours at the weekend" he said. I don't want to say I was driven by the thought of money but my brain cells suddenly went into overdrive. After three months of house hunting I finally found the place I was looking for a three bedroom house on a quiet residential soi 9,000 baht a month. Now it was time to start earning some real money. Within a month or so of setting myself up as a private teacher in my own home to supplement my ELS income, ELS underwent a major change. The ELS franchise was given up by the Thai franchisees and overnight the school became ELC. It was to become 100% Thai owned and run.

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We didnt do anything to win a basketball game tonight we just happened to win one. Now you think about what happens if we start doing the small things. We start executing and getting the ball where we want to get it, we hit our foul shots at the end of the game, turn the ball over 10 times instead of 20 times. We are making things harder on ourselves than we have to. East Surry will take on Union Pines at 4 p. m. Thursday after crashing into a disabled tractor trailer in Calhoun County. An Orangeburg man who shot two women in their legs on the campus of South Carolina State University has been sentenced to probation. Ruby Dean Glover, 54, of 812 Whittaker Parkway, Orangeburg, pleaded guilty last month to second degree assault and battery. In 2016, all 11 electoral votes went to Trump, even while Clinton did get 34. 7% of the popular vote.

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The mailed survey packet contained a cover letter, the survey questionnaire, and a pre addressed, postage paid return envelope. The outgoing envelope was printed especially for this survey using the university logo and specifying the sender as Food and Hunger Initiatives. The questionnaire was printed in a booklet style and tri folded; the booklet cover comprised the cover letter from the researchers, signed by the universitys president to help encourage responses. The cover displayed the same university and project branding as the outgoing envelope. Wave 1 occurred just prior to the universitys 2015 fall break, coinciding with the week of Thanksgiving. Wave 2, which targeted non respondents, occurred during the first week of December, and researchers collected data through the intersession. Packets sent to 58 targeted respondents were not delivered due to address problems, reducing the total number of eligible respondents to 742. At the end of the two mailing waves, 154 respondents has returned usable questionnaires, yielding a 21% response rate. At a 95% confidence level, the sampling margin of error was +/ 7. 7% among the 154 respondents. Comparing demographic characteristics of the final survey sample to the total population of students who met the survey criteria, Table 1 shows that differences tended to be within the survey margin of error for ethnicity, race, and age. The final sample somewhat overrepresented females 66. 2% of the sample, 56. 3% of the population and on campus residents 17. 7% of the sample, 7. 7% of the population, while underrepresenting sophomores 15. 5% of the sample, 24% of the population. A composite measure of food insecurity for every respondent was created. The USDA uses 10 items in its composite measure of food insecurity when no children are present in the respondent household, and uses another eight items for households where children are present USDA, 2015. The USDA requires a respondent to indicate food insecurity operationalized as responses of often or sometimes, or a response of yes across three of its items in order to classify the respondent as food insecure. In an effort to ensure consistency with the USDAs methodology, the questionnaire used in this study included five items that matched the USDAs see items in Table 2. Researchers added a sixth item, Have there been times in the last twelve months when you did not have enough money to buy food that you or your family needed? Because our research only employed six items to detect food insecurity, we used a tolerance threshold of displaying insecurity on two items in order for the respondent to be classified as food insecure. Table 2 shows the six items used in the study for the composite measure, as well as the response distribution for each answer disposition. Boldface figures indicate a disposition of food insecure on the individual items. Indeed, one of the six students with a full access meal plan was considered food insecure by measures used to create the composite measure. Students on the full meal plan are able to eat three meals provided by on campus dining services every day of the week.

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