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There is a lot of traction in imparting education using Massive Online Open Courseware MOOC where students can pick and choose what they like to learn. Today all top universities and colleges offer a wide range of subjects and also enable students to practice what they learn by making them to complete live projects. As MOOC gained Momentum it erased the boundaries that only universities can impart education. Today we can see top companies such as Google, IBM , Ted Education, YouTube education , khan academy , Microsoft, Cisco to name a few who are conducting professional courses that are aligned to what companies are expecting from fresh graduates when they join the corporate. There are also wide range of offerings for students to pick up skills online for building products such as raspberry Pi projects Makezine projects , Projects made from Arduino chips rojects/Ideas to name a few examples. One of my JNTUK petroleum engineering student even shared his practical experiences via blog here ll these events point towards one trend which is that present and future belongs to learning whatever we want by just having high speed internet connection and knowing exactly what skills we want to acquire that makes us valuable and just join a course.

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They havent been around for all that long, but they have the talent and community to become one of the worlds biggest websites and they certainly arent far off joining the elite, either. They cover everything from the world of pop culture with their list articles performing the best out of the hundreds of different things they publish each week. Do they pay?Yes, on a views basis. Who are they?A titan of the list world that never seems to run out of content ideas. You name it, they will make a list out of it, but they expect nothing but quality on whatever topic youre covering, whether its the best cheese in Holland or the worst impersonations of Sylvester Stallone. Go for a minimum of 1500 words and reap the rewards. Do they pay?Really well. $150 for your hard work. Who are they?Suppliers of all the lists one person could ever need. The Richest have an impressive scope of topics they cover, which means that its highly likely there will be something for you to write about. Their contributor program is a little complicated, but if you can stick to it, you can earn some decent money.

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Hovering over the dashboard icons gives you tooltips explaining them, but for those Squids waiting for their lenses to transfer, a quick overview:I have a few unfeatured due to lack of engagement hubs. I may massage them to try and drive more traffic to them. Or I may just ignore them. Once youve published many hundreds of articles, having a few that have fallen out of circulation is no biggie. In fact, it may be useful to learn from: why didnt it draw traffic or engage readers?Also notice the last edit date. Hubpages doesnt care when you last updated. All it cares about is that the article is still drawing readers who are interacting with or at least reading it. I became active on Hubpages again in 2011 and churned out a little over a hundred hubs in two years. I have been next to useless on that site for the past year. So take anything I say about Hubpages with a grain of salt. That said, I may have learned a few useful things. Squidoo shutting down shouldnt be much of a surprise to those who have been watching it for the past year. The only surprise is that its giving away member content without explicit permission, despite its TOS which states,Squidoo does not claim ownership of the Content you place on your Lens. The Content will be owned by you or a third party from whom you got permission to post the content. I suppose, since Squidoo is merging with Hubpages, a lawyer could argue that Hubpages is now, legally, Squidoo, in the same way that my old bank is now owned by and named something else. Nevertheless, it feels a bit shoddy, especially with the good news spin in Seths announcement and the incredibly short notice. In a way, Im relieved the death by a thousand paper cuts is over, at long last. Nevertheless, I feel enormous sympathy for the many members who were still active and passionate about keeping the site going. You folks were just kicked in the gut. I wish I could wave pom poms and give you good news and put a positive spin on this. But Im worried about those of you whose family budget depended on that Squidoo pay day. Yep, its another geeky stats post trying to figure out whats going on with our traffic? using two similar article publishing sites to contrast and compare trends. Squidoo launched its responsive layout on Friday, December 7, 2012, hoping to cash in on the skyrocketing use of mobile devices to browse the web. Many of us had emailed HQ about the need to adapt to mobile/tablets over the past few years, so we certainly understood the reasons for the change, if not the timing. But the proof is in the pudding. How did the Responsive Layout launch impact traffic?Im kicking myself for not doing a screengrab of Quantcasts traffic tracking before the changeover, showing what percentage of Squidoo visitors came in through mobile, but Ive at least got that info from my own Google Analytics see below.

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