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And he'd always say, you know, I need generals who are lucky. HUGH HEWITT: They would be lucky if they sent Jim Talent over to VA. I don't know if Jim Talent wants that job. I expect Pompeo will offer him a job, but if they wanted someone with ethics, and smarts, and the credibility of the Senate, and that place needs to change. And I thought Shulkin's a good guy, but if you really want to change a place, you have to put someone with some ties to the Senate in. Larry Arnn, let's go to the Department of Justice. I had the Attorney General on. I like Jeff Sessions a lot. And he came on to talk about nationwide injunctions, how little tiny district courts can enjoin the President of the United States and not just the person before their court, how not one of those had occurred for 175 years. And up until Trump, only 22 it occurred in the time between 175 years and Trump. And in the first year of Trump, 22 of them had occurred.

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While their research applied to science learning in particular, one could argue that it could be applied to any content area. Cervetti, G. N. , Pearson, P. D. , Barber, J. , Hiebert, E. , and Bravo, M. 2007. Shaping Literacy Achievement, Integrating Literacy and Science, The Research We Have. In M. Pressley, A. Billman, K. Perry, K. Reffit, and J. Morrehead Reynolds Eds. , Shaping Literacy Achievement, Integrating Literacy and Science, The Research We Have pp. 157173. New York, New York: The Guilford Press. Retrieved from Integrating Literacy and Science. Freidus, H. 2010. Finding passion in teaching and learning: Embedding literacy skills in content rich curriculum. The New Educator, 6, 181195. Fisher, D. , and Ivey, G.

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