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As members of the military, we find ourselves in a unique position to obtain, at no cost to us, civilian education that will ensure our competiveness both in and out of uniform. Far too many of the Soldiers in our ranks fail to take advantage of the benefits afforded to them. The responsibility for this failure starts and ends with the Non Commissioned Officer Corps. One needs to look no further than the NCO Creed to find the importance of remaining tactically and technically proficient. We, as Soldiers, are also reminded of the importance of education when it comes time to review our own, or rate a subordinate Soldiers duty performance. Over the course of the last fifteen years, a demanding operational tempo has shifted focus away from traditional education as our force required low density MOS training to ensure battlefield success in the multiple areas of operation, around the globe, that the United States Army has found itself in. As our Army transitions yet again, leaders must make education a priority. The diversity that is found in the United States Army is an important part of who we are as an organization. With Service Members from every walk of life, it is important to make mention that not each one is perfectly suited for the rigors involved with obtaining a bachelors degree. Recognizing long term goals as well as strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest should be the responsibility of every First Line Leader. How can we ask a First Line Leader to develop an education plan, when he or she holds little value in education?Regardless of academic aptitude, a variety of educational opportunities exist for us to take advantage of. It is our responsibility to make subordinates aware of these opportunities. Many Soldiers enter active military service as an alternative to the traditional educational path of entering college immediately upon graduating from high school. It takes these Service Members very little time to get out of a proper education focused mindset. By the time these Soldiers are in the NCOES pipeline, their academic ability has diminished to a level that is not compatible with the higher education standards of their peers in the civilian sector. By the time these Soldiers approach their ETS, the likelihood that they will continue with education after separation is very low.

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