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These services tend to be more expensive because they will employ large teams to restore the home to suitable living standards. Similar to the housekeeping services, they use special techniques to tend to more serious cleanliness issues such as mold removal, deodorization, and carpet drying. 24 hour emergency service is available in some areas for these disaster restoration services. Even for less serious issues, a specialized cleaning company might be necessary in instances involving an abandoned home, or for a thorough cleaning after a household has moved out of a residence. Employing a house cleaning service can take some of the stress out of a busy day, or restore a home after a disaster. Having a regular cleaning service is can improve the overall household environment, especially if the occupants have busy schedules that make cleaning impossible.

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There are basically two main ways to organise this type of essay. There are two main methods of presenting an argument, and in general the one you choose will depend on exactly how the essay title is worded. Give the arguments for and against. Assess the importance of. Examine the arguments for and against. What are the advantages and disadvantages of.

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In fact, there is no reliable evidence of any causal link between imaginary violence in entertainment and violence in the real world. The nation has been witnessing a stark drop in the rates of murder, and violent crime since the early 1990s. Does anyone suppose this was caused by a decline in violent themes in movies, TV shows, and video games?Likewise, there has been a less striking but still significant decline in teenage motherhood, the spread of diseases, and other indicators of promiscuity. We certainly cant credit this to any decline in the number of plot lines on "Friends" and other NBC sitcoms extolling the desirability of frequent casual relationships. There is no question that a long term transformation of mores has been underway for decades, thanks to the pill, education, and so forth. Yes, the media undoubtedly serve as a transmission belt for changing attitudes. But thats a far cry from suggesting that people act on what they see in the media in a monkey see, monkey do manner. Indeed, when you think about it, the assumption that in the entertainment media leads to in the world, or that violence leads to violence, is methodologically fishy. What foundation does this have except for a casual, intuitive belief that the imaginary must lead to the real?It seems just as plausible that imaginary might lead to violence or imaginary violence to sex. Or both might lead to shopping. The logic is not only questionable, but in a society as surfeited with every kind of entertainment as ours, the evidence that would allow any strong conclusion about the relationship between entertainment and social pathology is noticeably absent. In fact, we know from the work of James Hamilton, an economist at Duke University, that the demand for violence in entertainment comes most strongly from young adults of both sexes. His study of Nielsen data shows that those most likely to tune into TV movies with violent themes are, first, males aged 18 to 34, then females aged 18 to 34. Both older and younger viewers are less interested in mayhem. Beyond doubt the big entertainment companies have figured this out, too. Young adults are their most prized demographic, the ones brand name advertisers pay the most to reach. Yet if there seems to be a proliferation of violent entertainment, its mostly illusory. Violent shows are less a staple of prime time network fare than they were two decades ago having been replaced, interestingly, by lawyer shows. Instead there has been a proliferation of all kinds of entertainment, as the multiplication of cable channels allows programming to be targeted more narrowly at different audiences. Now violent fare can be served up with less fear of annoying the audience who find violence distasteful or offensive. More speculative is the question of why young adults demand violent theme entertainment. Dolf Zillman, a psychologist at the University of Alabama, has studied the question and proposed an answer: Violent entertainment is really about justice. A question that particularly concerns young people is whether good or evil triumphs in the world, whether virtue is rewarded and meanness is punished. And it doesnt take a great deal of art always in short supply in Hollywood to encapsulate these themes in plots that make extensive use of violence. This makes sense, if only because the sheer prevalence of violent themes in popular entertainment suggests it needs some kind of explanation tying it to universal human concerns. Thats not to say there isnt plenty of room to criticize the entertainment media, but the focus ignores the proverbial elephant in the living room. While Republicans and Democrats were competing to see who could issue the most comprehensive denunciation of Hollywood depravity, they ignored an authentic and unprecedented phenomenon: the revolution in the availability of pornography. Porn has moved out of a few segregated public spaces, the seedy book shops and triple X theaters, and become ubiquitous on the web, on cable, in neighborhood video shops. Some consider this a good thing, since it promises to put the red light districts of our downtown areas out of business with mixed results, however; see, for example, the January 1 New York Times, "With John Wayne and Sushi, Sex Shops Survive a Cleanup". But Im not sure were going to be happy with the bargain in the long run. The more accessible the material, the larger the number of people who will be willing to consume it because they can do so discreetly.

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