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Pong, L. Hao, and E. Gardner, "TheRoles of Parenting Styles and Social Capital in the SchoolPerformance of Immigrant Asian and Hispanic Adolescents," SocialScience Quarterly, Vol. 86, No. 4 2005, pp. 928 950; B. Soenens, M. Vansteenkiste, and K. Luyckx, et al. , "Parentingand Adolescent Problem Behavior: An Integrated Model withAdolescent Self Disclosure and Perceived Parental Knowledge asIntervening Variables," Developmental Psychology, Vol. 42,No.

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265 279; H. Cooper, K. Jackson, and B. Nye, et al. , "A Modelof Homework's Influence on the Performance Evaluations ofElementary School Students," Journal of ExperimentalEducation, Vol. 69, No.

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