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gregory. phpGregory M. CorsoGeneral InformationPositionAssociate Professor of PsychologyResearch AreaEngineering PsychologyEducationPh. D. 1978 Engineering PsychologyNew Mexico State Universitygregory. edu404 894 6772J S Coon building 133Human Engineering LabBiographyResearch being conducted in the Human Engineering Lab includes the following topics: noise, annoyance and information processing; coding for visual displays; and dynamic function allocation.

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Wonderful cover, I really am impatient for this book to be in hand. Congratulations Melissa on correctly identifying the text. On a hunch I took a peak at your blog "My World. In Words and Pages" 29. html and sure enough you had a post about the cover. Thanks for that. Thank you for showing the link Michael. :And now I know that is the description there. ;D I don't know what I was thinking as I have been over thinking and analyzing that whole scene I just thought you where saying that would all be answered here in this book. lol. Not putting the two together.

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