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They should realize that there is vast difference between reel life cinema type life and real life and without putting some efforts they cannot get the skills they need to succeed. For their projects they should look at the challenges the nation faces and provide solutions in the form of their project submissions. Students should be encouraged to take challenges posed by global philanthropic organizations such as Bill and Melinda gates foundation , Hult prize and wrote an article chance favours the connected Mind to elaborate on how technology is reshaping what we learn and how we learn. click here to know more ccess: Colleges lack modern class rooms with fast internet connections, practical labs and other teaching aids. This is again due to the wrong priorities of the colleges to divert funds to other areas which wont help in bringing quality education and skills to students. Even traditional libraries are not attracting enough students to reading because they are not treating that as priority and just act as record keepers of books. Today the need of the hour is more practical labs and less class rooms. Traditional Class rooms should be replaced with Online teaching and online lecture videos. Colleges also bring some eminent scholars for seminars or meetings but it just concludes within that day and follow up on the seminars outcomes are rarely followed subsequently by staff and students. Most of the managements are more interested in media news of the activities on the next day. That is the only follow up I keep seeing.

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Apr 29 2019 IELTS General Training Reading Cambridge 15 Test 4 Section 2 How to make your working day more enjoyable amp How to get promoted with top solutions and best explanations October 6 2020 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Process diagram from Cambridge 15 Test 3 instant noodles production with tips and model answer September 30 2020 Dec 12 2019 If you start to prepare for IELTS test you should have to answer previous IELTS exams to be familiar with the test format. Quabarl while standing at a train station lines 32 35 . 1 The writer suggests that people may have difficulty sleeping in the mountains because. Sections Show More Follow today 2020 NBC UNIVERSAL Please see me after class. It contains four complete tests for General Training candidates. It combines the latest technology with the reliability and quality you expect from Cambridge. Recently on the homepage of the IELTS publisher Cambridge has revealed an IELTS Listening test in the IELTS Cambridge 15 book about to be released on We received so many phone calls from students who faced the problem to find the tests and answers of general reading so we decided to make your preparation easier. D 5. In the Listening section of your IELTS test you will listen to recordings divided into four sections of native English speakers and answers to a series of questions usually 40 questions . Apr 21 2019 Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic is the best book that you can prepare yourself for the IELTS Academic test. Questions 1 10 Complete the notes below. in the text it says The fireflies are a huge group containing over 2000 species with ones being discovered all the time . inability 22. Get Cambridge IELTS BOOK 15 . Questions 3 5 Label the map. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer. Learn about questions you might expect to see on the test and see sample answers to help you improve your English language skills. Read the text below and answer questions 9 14. Cambridge IELTS Books 1 12 Free Download PDF Cambridge IELTS Book 4. This post discusses all the answers and solutions for Reading Passage 3. Each question carries one mark.

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