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Audiences are stratified into three distinct categories: family members, heterosexuals, as well as homosexuals and those somewhere in between Social trends in Education / the next 5 yearsWith societal establishments and school structures, we can carry the most important task of providing youths with the necessary education which will provide them opportunities to thrive in our community. A simple casual glance at the comparative mode of lifestyle in our country would make it obvious that these establishments performed in an excellent manner for the greater part of this century. But the universe is transforming in manners that radically remodels the suppositions, customs and guiding principles, which catered the American people earlier. Besides, the pace of transformation is gearing up at an amazing speed, requiring in many customs and establishments the need to progress in certain spheres. To look forward to modifications, to a certain extent than acting in response to it, schools are spotting developments and scrutinizing their probable connotations. ather than guessing what the coming years has " This is especially true of neighborhoods associated with gang activity, where the color of one's shirt or hat can become a matter of life or death regardless of racial similarity or dissimilarity.

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I know plenty of people who learn by doing, and for them college was not/is not that important. College isnt for everyone. I think some places are requiring college degrees for jobs where they shouldnt be required, but they do this because getting a degree has become so easy that it means very little. This causes a downward spiral where employers expect degrees, so colleges try to accommodate people who normally wouldnt have gone to college, which reduces the value of the experience, which reduces the value of the degree, etc. I think that for many of the professions, having a college education is essential. For example, would you really want someone who has not studied civil engineering to be in charge of building bridges?Or have a doctor that didnt have an MD?There are aspects of many professions that are not taught outside of the college experience. I do believe that a college education, if used properly, sets the tone and gives you the skills for a life long learning pattern. And life long learning is essential for success. As a side note, what I see most often in my current position is that the people fresh out of university with degrees in computer science cant program their way out of a bucket. Once they have a few years of experience, they are usually equal to the people who have the same amount of experience, regardless of the college degree. One of the best programmers I know has a degree in science education, but his quest for new knowledge keeps him on top of the game.

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However, user's right and privacy should be protected, and drawing a law for it may not help much, but it can at least protect the user's right. However, I will still continue to use Facebook, because it is convenient for me to keep in contact with my friends and relatives, despite the privacy issues. References: Breen, G. , 2010, Teen's murder sparks Facebook privacy plea, ABC News, viewed 9 June 2010, irkpatrick, M. , 2010, Why Facebook is Wrong: Privacy is still important, Read Write Web, viewed 9 June 2010, facebook is wrong about privacy. phpMusil, S. , 2008, Users file privacy lawsuit against Facebook, Cnet News, viewed 9 June 2010, from 3 10311625 93. htmlNielsen, 2010, Led by Facebook, Twitter, Global Time Spent on Social Media Sites up 82% Year over Year,viewed 9 June 2010, aul, I. , 2010, It's quit Facebook Day, are you leaving?, PC World, viewed 9 June 2010, quit facebook day are you leaving. htmlBlog is an online platform which allows users to write whatever they want, such as expressing feeling, or simply blog about something interesting that happened on certain day. I have my own personal blog, which is mostly used to express my feelings rather than blog about serious issue. Blogger, Wordpress and Live Journal are among the well known blog service providers. Blog has provided freedom for people to write like a journalist online. However, what impact and benefits does blogging phenomenon brings?Image source: Wordpress. com, 2009According to Loewenstein, in country like China, the implication brought by the blogging is that the bloggers are making use of the freedom of speech online to reveal the scandals and corruption which is less or not covered at all by the mainstream media, such as the public protests about the the weak construction of building which causes many building to collapse during the occurance of earthquake in Sichuan Funnell, 2008. The truth that are buried by the media, are revealed online through blogging. Therefore, blogging phenomenon brings freedom of speech in the internet. Image source: Problogger. net, 2009In my opinion, blogging has, in fact, impacts in many other fields, such as educational, business, entertainment and even political fields. For example, in Malaysia, many politicians such as our Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak and Lim Kit Siang are using blogs to spread their inflence and also communicate and interact with people. By making good and correct use of blogging as a tool for marketing purpose, it may helps in increasing the product sale, get additional income by advertising on the blog, and can even use it as a customer service tool to interact and communicate with clients Gehl, 2006.

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