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Instead, youll tacitly pop onto a college campus on the way to your grandparents house simply because youre nearby. If you enjoy soccer, why not take in a game as a way to get a flavor of a given campus. Take advantage of concerts or art exhibits in your hometown and as you travel. You will learn about what you like and what you dont. For some, this very exercise may well excite you about college and motivate you to work hard. So you want to be an English Major you could easily replace that with the major of your choice.

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com is helping individualsreach their goals and pursue their dreamsCollege is a time for exploration and experimentation for young adults. The freedom of being on their own for the first time in their lives is liberating. Making new friends, joining fraternities or sororities, and participating in extracurricular events are all popular things to do in college. While more than half of students will stick with the usual alcoholic beverages, others might dabble into other drugs such as marijuana, Adderall, or others. Without family structure at home, some students could wander off into the abyss, leading to failing grades, missed classes, and substance use disorders SUDs. It can be challenging for some parents to determine if your child has developed a substance use disorder. For the first time in their life, you are not around to monitor their health and well being, leading to a disconnect. The only opportunity to see your college student is when they come home to visit a few times a year. During this time, you might notice a change in your child since you dropped them off at their college campus. These changes may be profound in some cases, leading to a new appreciation for home and family, self growth, and responsibility you may not have seen before. Other times, however, these changes may be a cause for concern. You may notice changes in their appearances, unhealthy weight loss, a poor attitude, or a loss of interest in longtime friends and activities. Some of these may register on the parental radar that leads you to investigate further. At the stage of college level parenting, youve established a deep catalog of things to look out for and a vast network of peers who can help validate your curiosities. Your peers can help you figure out whats going on with your college student and if theyre connected with old friends, and what theyre doing. If you believe your child has gone off track compared to your friends children, it might be the right time to expand your investigations. Keep in mind that your inquiry could be more challenging because your child has been independent for some time. You must first take a deep breathteenagers and young adults are sensitive; keeping this in mind, we must remind you to approach your child delicately and not with drama. If you approach your child with aggression, anger, panic, or accusations, its a recipe for disaster. You can expect the child to shut down and tell you nothing. Lecturing, yelling, or threatening your child will cause them to withdraw, lie, and sneak around. At this point, the last thing you want is to do is drive a wedge between you and your college student. If you assume your child is having problems away from home, the home should be a safe place they can come to for help. You wont know what kind of support they need unless you have developed a relationship built on trust, so work on building that platform. If youve witnessed signs of substance use in your college student, you must ask open ended questions that allow them the opportunity to be honest. You should not punish them for being honest because you might be shocked by some of their answers.

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