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I also made sure I found a good book editing service to go over it very carefully. I knew marketing and promoting my book would not be easy and quick. I reached out to all sorts of people, investigated many different types of marketing approaches, and I have tried a few different ones. Youll find authors who swear by one or two methods, but no two authors do the same. These are online book promoters. They use their network of contacts to get you placement in blogs, in online magazines, and on blog talk radio shows. They may even do Facebook advertising and press releases too. Some are specific to different geographic locations across the globe. I engaged several of these services and I found each one to be quite good. Each one has their own set of contacts. You can exhaust their contacts within a couple of months and so I needed to use more than one.

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Therefore, remove your attachment to everyone. Brahma Kumaris also being exposed!Here is another quote from their so called god. Unless you experience everyone to be already dead, that is, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, you cannot become one who has unlimited disinterest. And this is a world peace org, their teachings and true agenda are hidden for public. they lasted too long to be a cult, and they make too much money for the higher ups. theyre just a religion.

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