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Practice Skimming: With only 75 seconds for each question, you will need every second to identify the correct answer. Practice your skimming skills with news articles or other short informational passages. Avoid the Timer: Seeing the seconds tick down can make some test takers nervous and forget what they just read. To reduce your stress and save time, avoid looking at the clock during the exam. CFE Practice Exams and Study Resources The following five links can help you learn more about the CFE exam, how to prepare, and many more tips on how to succeed on test day. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners After you decide to take the certified fraud examiner exam, join ACFE to start exploring the organizations valuable test prep resources, including in person and self guided study sessions. CFE Exam Preparation: The Blog This brief blog post describes the ways ACFE can help test takers succeed on the exam. It also includes links to fraud prevention conferences and publications. CFE Exam Coach CFE Exam Coach boasts a forum, blog, and interviews with certified fraud examiners about how they earned certification. The website also posts a calendar of upcoming ACFE review courses throughout the United States. Fraud Magazine This publication features articles concerning the latest trends in fraud and the professionals who prevent it.

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No, you won't be exempt from taxes on the earnings in these accounts. However, earnings will be taxed at the child's rate instead of the parent's rate. No. This account has significant impact on federal financial aid. The account belongs to the student, and 20% of the money in the account will count against federal financial aid. No, you can't take this money back. The account belongs to the beneficiary the person you open the account for, so you can only use it on his or her behalf until he or she reaches adulthood at which time the beneficiary will control the account. Yes. These accounts aren't specifically for college, so the beneficiary can use the money for anything once he or she reaches adulthood. Yes, if you as the parent own the account, only about 5% of the money in these accounts is counted against financial aid. Vanguard no longer opens new ESAs also known as "Coverdell ESAs", nor do we allow new ESAs to be created with money from an account transfer.

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