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Three at the latest for this first semester. I was told that I would work from either three in the afternoon to eleven at night, eleven at night to seven in the morning, or some twelve hour shifts from seven in the evening to seven in the morning. Things will be very busy with work and school, but I can do this. I just need a hand finacialy. What comes to mind is your local Elks, Rotary, Kwanis, or YMCA. I would just write a letter and go see them in person and ask.

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What do you think are the reasons behind this?Go To Sample You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Due to so many young people dropping out from schools, the rate of unemployment is increasing and it affects our society in different ways. In your opinion, how can this situation be improved?Give reasons for your answer and include any . Go To Sample You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic:The use of personal cars has increased more than ever before but this use of cars causes many problems. What are those problems?In order to reduce these problems, should we discourage people to use cars . Go To Sample You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Fossil fuel, such as coal, oil and natural gas, is extensively used in many countries which cause harms to the environment. The use of alternative sources of energy, including wind and solar power, however, is being . Go To Sample When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration for many. Others, however, prefer different other aspects of a job over the salary they earn.

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