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If the paper is summarizing the results of a research study, it is generally best to suggest an area for further research or study, based on the conclusions presented. With regards to the question of whether or not fear appeals are effective in advertising focused on preventing substance, the results of this study seem to indicate that such messages may actually have no impact on behavior. The results indicate that, while viewers do find such messages to be frightening, they tend to tune out the messages rather than attending to them. These findings suggest that such messages may create cognitive dissonance that keeps them from being effective. More study is needed to explore this possibility. Whether you are writing a research paper, a thesis or a paper for a conference, these tips can help you approach your academic writing assignments and projects from the proper perspective. Remember to write with an authoritative tone and ensure that your work flows coherently. That way, readers of your paper will be able to follow your reasoning and understand the conclusion and its implications. Now that you know what academic writing is, focus on expanding your academic writing skills. Next, review these tips on academic writing to further enhance your skills. A well written essay takes the reader on a clear journey of your argument.

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Rewarding great performance; this may seem like the least important but it is actually one of the most important ones, when a manager rewards their employees for their hard work it helps keeping them motivated and happy. When an employee is happy they usually keep performing at a high level Martin HaworthIn order not to have an unsuccessful performance management, it is important to make sure that the process is well understood; managers and employees need to understand the process and its use. There might even be a training to use the system its not just using the tool but using it properly. So develop a good process and make sure everyone uses it. The plan must be relevant and strategic and be part of the fabric of the organization. Employees need to be able to see how working their plan will make both them and their organization more successful. In order to do that, the plan must link, at least in part, to organizational, departmental and job specific mission and planning. Other elements must enable the success of the individual. 5 Erik Britten, 2011 so make the plan meaningful and useful to the employee and the organization. Lets remember that performance management is an everyday activity, If plans are developed and aligned properly, employees and managers should be able to link what they are doing almost daily to something in their plan. Managers need to connect those dots frequently in group or individual meetings. 5 Erik Britten, 2011 these is why its important to make performance management an ongoing activity. Mistake usually happen when something is not a 100% understood so lets remember to use a meaningful and useful plan for the employee and the organization, develop a good process and make sure everybody uses it and not do it twice or tree times a year but everyday, to avoid some mistakes. The biggest error that can happen is that not to manage performance, it is easy to come with excuses not to do so but it is a risky move. The most common excuses are: my staff dont want to be performance managed, not enough time, Its easier to ignore underperformers and move them on to someone else to manage, Its not worth the effort and does not pay off. The list can go on and on but all these are wrong. As we have learned before performance management The effective management of performance is a primary managerial responsibility and has significant impact on employee performance and retention. All employees expect feedback, Ignored underperformance rarely goes away and it gets increasingly harder to tackle. 6 Government of South AustraliaOther errors include improper documentation or preparation. Fix the mistake by being prepare, use your time more effectively. The employee may assume the manager does not know what is going on or that she simply doesnt care enough to prepare.

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