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In the article, " Are Too Many People Going To College?" Charles Murray argues that college should be important. He stresses the fact that too many people are going to college. Futhermore, too many people are going to college and don't have a plan or are just pressured from society. And because this is the case many tend to dropout and struggle to find a decent job. This is shown when he states, " . some students are built for liberal education, while other students capabilities are better cultivated in other ways. My position on this topic is neutral because even if you are pressured by society you can still succeed in college. Are Too Many People Going to College?, Is the question in which the article is trying to answer, by showing both sides, saying that college is worth going to and can help many people. The article ultimately is about stating the fact that college isnt for everyone, and is often times not needed for many people. College can help many people but, what is happening is that many people go to college to get a B. A and this doesnt help them since they dont further what skills they have instead they develop skills they arent that great in, so that they might be able to gain a job that can help them make more money.

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On the other hand, the one area Uber can innovate is MASS transport, i. e. the bus. The current public bus system is a dumb system that moves along a predictable path irrespective of real time demand. An Uber like system could greatly enhance efficiencies of bus. Not only allow for bus routes that evolve based on real time demand, but also help move/direct passenger to the optimal location to maximize average vehicular speed i. e. walking to best street corner based on current traffic patterns to avoid traffic and unnecessary detours. But the efficiency is gained by maximizing the number of people on the bus, not by monopolistic pricing power. Not true. Have you used Uber in LA before?Its amazing and works almost everywhere even suburbs beyond West LA.

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5 7. Morning routine. I would prefer the person who has the same goal like me for a better practice. com IELTS Writing Samples of Band 9 Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. IELTS Speaking Band 9 Sample Answer So I d like to talk about a journey that I took when I was a little kid. Learn how to use wide variety of parts of speech such as nouns verbs adjectives. source IELTS Buddy. The table below gives information about consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002. You 39 re signed out. IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample Band 9 Topic Foreign food. Listen to the audio and answer the questions. If you d like to get an idea of how well you respond to IELTS Speaking questions to try to learn from this application. Task 1 Sample Questions and Band 9 Model Answers . Even I go to beauty salons on monthly basis and spend required time so that I can leave a remarkable impression on the Dec 12 2014 Hi guys I am looking for a partner to practice speaking skills for IELTS test. 0 Part 1 1. You have to sound natural in the test. you or your User Content by IELTS Online Tests or any artist band label nbsp 15 May 2020 PART 1. The test has not officially started. They do not represent model answers so do not memorise them. On this page there are more IELTS long turn samples. The remainder of this guide will focus on learning the most frequently used IELTS speaking topics for speaking part 1 3 listening to band 9 speaking sample answers and learning important IELTS speaking tips and resources for your success. Different types of essays letters and report writings are given separately. My advice is to look for a description of your festival on Wikipedia. Are you a student or do you work now Why did you choose this course job Talk about your daily routine. See also. Describe a person who is good at his or her job 3.

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