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Security is the big one, And IDs are no doubt the best way to prevent someone from slipping into a school and doing something nefarious. But I have found wearing an ID to be highly useful as well. I use it a lot for the library, Lunch, And did you know you can get discounts at many stores and eateries by showing school ID?It makes a lot of sense to require students K 12 and even college students to be wearing an ID. All student's in a middle school or high school should have an id. Having students makes it easy for the school security to have quick identifacation for everyone that either a teacher or a student. With all the school shootings ,all middle and high school students should have one. Lets say an intruder walks into your school and they don't have a id for the building they can be kicked out of the school. Not only will this make students feel more safe at school but it will make parents feel more safe sending their kids to school everyday. Yes, students should wear school IDs for the event that a crime or accident occurs on campus. If a crime happens on campus, students wearing IDs can help identify the perpetrators as well as the possible victims. This has the added bonus of deterring students from committing crimes as they would be more easily identified.

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Uber killed demand with their surge thefts. I dont get how they are willing to charge 5 10x like its nothing, where an $5 ride can suddenly become $50, yet they are unwilling to see that $4 $5 rides are killing it for the drivers. You cant market yourself as being cheap and then also market yourself as being expensive. People dont like that. I say cap surges at 2X, remove the stupid safe ride fee, and make the minimum fare $8. I seriously your Uber articles, so informative. It is good to know how it actually works. But the pay is extremely low in my opinion, regular folks who would do this as work will have to drive for hours on end to make ends meet. In Los Angeles, before depreciation and using just gas as an expense, it comes out to 12. 85 an hour under the guaranteed pay structure. If you throw in the depreciation, you are way down there once again. This new rate cut puts it in a whole new category of not profitable. Feel free to correct anything you dont like: Great article Jennifer,The distance you drive to pick someone up is a major factor on the PandL of an UBER Driver. If you want to go the Shrewd route it will not be long before you are threatened with the deactivation of your driver account. The other major issue I run into it is when prices surge it equals the traffic congestion that limits the number of trips you can make. It is common to pick up a request to ride in a surge zone and waste an hour trying to get through and out of traffic. Just to drop them off on what would normally be a 10 minute ride. We need a better system for drop off and pick up points with our clients. Major venues need to do a better job of ensuring the safety and timeliness of their patrons departure. It will only take one violent crime to due to the negligence of the venueto awaken them to address the issue. I hope and pray it doesnt come to that but all too often I pick up passengers that has waited 20+ minutes in a poorly lit street because I could not get through tragic to pick them up out of harms way.

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