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The AP Advanced Placement program was designed by the College Board to give high school students an introduction to college level material. AP classes are widely considered to be the most advanced types of classes you can take in high school. To earn AP credit, you have to take an exam at the end of the class that tests your knowledge of the curriculum. The exam is scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score. You may be able to get college credit if you score a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam, although policies differ between schools. AP classes are offered in 34 different subjects although some high schools that participate in the program only offer a few of them, and over 2.

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Edward St. John Gorey February 22, 1925 April 15, 2000 was an American writer and artist noted for his macabre illustrated books. The universe is real but you cant see it. You have to imagine it. Once you imagine it, you can be realistic about reproducing it. Alexander Calder July 22, 1898 November 11, 1976 was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing abstract sculptures he called mobiles.

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There are times when we cannot think of what is right or wrong or what we should do or we shouldnt. Moral dilemma generally refers to the situation, where you have to choose between two alternatives, that generally are equally unpleasant. There is no exact definition for a moral dilemma, as it is related to human emotions, and not all the emotions can be explained in words. People learn to solve and cope with mental dilemmas over many years of experience but it is quite difficult for young kids, adolescents, and teenagers to confront their emotions and come to terms with moral or ethical issues. Merely reading or listening to moral stories does not make the task easy. To solve any mental dilemma, you need decisiveness, good analytical ability, and self realization. Would you like to write for us?Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk. Parents can guide children when they are at home, but once the children go to school, they have to handle their problems on their own. Also. as and how a child grows up, the nature of his/her doubts and dilemmas also changes. Hence, let us discuss these scenarios with the help of a few case studies. Liz was a 12 year old girl. Next month, she had to appear for her annual exam. Her father told her that if she scored well in all the subjects, he would buy a cycle for her. Liz was excited and studied really hard for the annual exams. But, she always scored less in science. She studied hard for the science paper and went for the exam. The teacher distributed the answer sheets and sat in one place. Liz started solving the paper but she wasnt sure about her answer. She was tempted to look into her friends answer sheet, as the teacher was not nearby.

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