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A professional without a bachelors or associate degree may still qualify for a certified fraud examiner certification in specific circumstances. The next section details this exemption in greater detail. Professionals with a bachelors degree must possess at least two years of experience in the fraud prevention field. Acceptable experience includes accounting, criminology, fraud investigation, loss prevention, and law. A candidate with other professional experience can appeal to ACFE by submitting a detailed resume that shows how the experience meets ACFEs requirements. ACFE grants five points for each year of experience and 10 points for each year of college. As a result, certification candidates with an associate degree must possess four years of experience, and professionals who did not attend college should have 10 years of experience. Once you purchase the exam, you have 30 days to complete all four sections. The programs flexibility allows you to attempt a section at any time, which is ideal for professionals who work full time or raise families. Once you begin a section, you cannot pause or stop the exam session. The test proctoring software grants 75 seconds for each question, and each test portion lasts two hours and five minutes if you use the maximum allotted time for each question. Finally, upon finishing the exam, you must submit a signed affidavit stating that you received no outside help. The following chart describes the four major areas covered by the CFE. You can learn more about test questions and topics below. Like many standardized tests, the certified fraud examiner exam requires you to register with ACFE, create a profile, and pay a fee. This section covers the latest requirements and fees. As of the writing of this article, the CFE exam costs $400. ACFE members who completed a preparation course pay $300. Retakes cost $25 per section, and test takers can pay for the exam with a credit or debit card through the ACFE website. Besides the content the certified fraud examiner exam covers, you should understand what score you need to achieve and how ACFE calculates that score. The questions and answers below cover the most important information about scoring. After the Exam: Maintaining Your CFE CertificationCertification does not end with passing the exam. Certified fraud examiners must complete at least 20 hours of continuing education courses every 12 months. At least 12 credits must relate to fraud deterrence and professional ethics. PREPARING FOR THE CFE EXAMYou can do many things to prepare for the CFE exam between now and test day. Review the tips below before developing a study plan.

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