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Cognitive motivational process variables were also examined in each study to identify potential mediational mechanisms to be explored in the future work. Findings suggest a combination web based intervention + interactive text messaging may be an efficacious approach for addressing heavy episodic drinking among risky drinking college students. Read more. We investigated the prevalence of vaping among college students in South central Appalachia in the United States and explored factors which were associated with and could predict vaping among the college students. A sample of 498 enrolled students voluntarily completed a self report REDCap health survey questionnaire in 2018. Outcome variable was use of electronic cigarettes categorized as yes/no.

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These kinds of partnerships are worth pursuing. It is widely accepted that higher education degree completion can break cycles of poverty; yet, if students cannot perform academically because they are forced to choose between paying rent, eating, or paying tuition, then higher education will merely leave these students more in debt and more impoverished than before they started. It is heartening to note that approximately 25% of FHSU students who show some level of food insecurity use the on campus food pantry. However, this leaves much room for improvement. The Fresh Food Fridays program discussed previously was created at about the time this survey was administered, and the program continues today. The initiative promotes healthy eating by providing students, at no cost, a fresh food item on Fridays on a first come first, served basis. It also helps to enhance awareness of the campus food pantry and its location through weekly campus wide e mail announcements specifying where the fresh food can be picked upan awareness we hope will continue to grow. However, FHSU may need to pursue a more comprehensive approach to the issue of food insecurity among its students than through the food pantry. For instance, the university should explore possibilities with its food services vendor of offering low cost meal options, as have been developed at Oregon State University Morgenstern, 2016. Other possibilities worth exploring include creating a student resources position within the student affairs office that connects students to local, state, and federal sources of support. This position could also work on policy reform at the national level to address food insecurity on college campuses.

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The gap that these three have revealed needs to be resolved in the next year, says Larkin. One of the main benefits of apprentices is succession planning. Every year, the number of candidates for management roles gets thinner, says Larkin. Manufacturing has not been a viable employment choice for years, so there is not the pipeline of talent, adds Stephenson. The apprentices is one route, while interns is another. CNH UK has looked at supporting the academy school model in Essex. It comes back to WCM: What is the benefit and cost?Right now the benefit is not clear to us. The plants at CNH are engaged in healthy competition on a range of KPIs. At the end of December 2011, 54 Fiat Industrial group plants were involved in the WCM programme 30 CNH, six FPT Industrial and 18 Iveco plants. Of these plants, eight sites two CNH, two FPT Industrial and four Iveco gained the Bronze level and two sites Bourbon Lancy of FPT Industrial and Valladolid of Iveco achieved the Silver level. Basildon was having an audit for the WCM Bronze award in late October. Were encouraged to share, and were quite happy to share our good ideas and vice versa, says Larkin. If we believe it to be a better practice than the incumbent, we can upload it to a European server. Central group will evaluate and verify it as a best practice others then feel free to copy it. There is a portfolio of deemed best practices within the group. By May 2011, CNH UK realised that its customers were recognising the improvements in the plant. A purposebuilt Customer Centre, paid for by the CNH group, was commissioned. Everyone on the shop floor was involved. We showed to the staff the visitor presentation, and explained that the customers would see them on the lines and they had seen the same presentation, so they could apply the video message to their jobs, says Larkin. Also it recapped a lot of the improvements wed made in last two years, which can be easy to forget. Linking the workers to visitors really bought everyone into the new customer centre, explaining to them we would be bringing 7,000 visitors a year through the plant, says Stephenson.

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