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3. Once you receive your email invitation to join Slack @ Dartmouth, click on the "Join Now" button, and you'll automatically join the Dartmouth College Community workspace, where the entire Dartmouth community can collaborate and share what's important to them. Other workspaces you may be invited to include course workspaces if you are a student, and departmental workspaces if you are faculty or staff. Seeing this error while trying to log in to Slack?It may help to clear your cache, close out of your browser completely, and try logging in again. Click the name of your browser of choice below to visit knowledge base articles on how to clear the cache and cookies of that particular browser. Don't see your browser?It may be because it isn't optimized to use for Slack. Download the desktop or mobile application for access to Slack instead. Some may say that getting into bed is one of the best parts of the day, but for many college students, the stresses of school and life cause sleep deprivation. For LSU third year student Mackenzie Montiel getting into bed is the favorite part of her day, but due to a busy school schedule, she does not always get the required amount of sleep. She says, On an average night without any tests or anything I usually get about seven hours of sleep, but when I have a lot of tests and things to do I get about four to six. Sleep deprivation is common among college students who get an average of 6 to 6. 9 hours of sleep per night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, college age students need seven to nine hours of sleep. According to the University of Georgia, some consequences of sleep deprivation are a weakened immune system, mental health issues, poor athletic performance and a lower grade point average. LSU assistant director of Wellness and Health Promotion at the Student Health Center Kathy Saichuk says, We dont migrate our short term memories into long term memories unless we sleep. So, pulling an all nighter, you blew that migration. So, if you studied a whole bunch of new information, and you stayed up all night you better hope youre not too exhausted when you go to take that test because youre not going to be able to recall that information. Montiel says stress from school is only one factor of her irregular sleeping patterns. The amount of time she spends on her phone and what she does throughout the day plays into how much sleep she gets. She says, Being more active during the day and getting all their homework and tests done during the day, maybe going for a workout, so youre tired by the time night comes around, may help students fall asleep and stay asleep. Montiel says that putting down electronics and getting rid of that screen time right before you go to bed definitely helps. Saichuk says, ultimately it is the responsibility of students to learn time management and stay on track with school so they can get enough sleep. She says, sometimes its your own fault, and you have to revisit what it is and how you plan your schedule. "The blue light given off by electronic devices before bed makes it harder for your body to release the sleep inducing hormone melatonin. The college has implemented a number of COVID 19 mitigation and response strategies for the fall semester, including asking residential students to remain on campus as much as possible and the implementation of face covering and social distancing requirements. We know that the things that weve asked havent been easy this fall semester, but, by and large, our students have done it. Our faculty and staff have done it, Wes Brooks, Augustanas vice president and dean of student life, said during a Wednesday afternoon update on the colleges COVID 19 response. During the update, available in its entirety on the colleges YouTube page, Brooks and other officials said the measures already in place would continue, and also discussed the newer measures. Brooks encouraged the college community to get flu shots to help minimize the risk of burdening the Quad Cities health care infrastructure with both flu and COVID 19 cases simultaneously. Residential students planning to leave the residence halls for Thanksgiving are being asked not to return to campus until after the fall semester ends. That would mean they would not be back until either January for specific classes, or the start of the spring semester.

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