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Start an autobiography with a catchy sentence. It is a graphic rete The only thing thing better than reading a celebrity s innermost thoughts is having another celebrity read them to you. Begin your biography by describing your current role duties and achievements. Autobiography Introduction Examples poetic license with Grammar Rules from the Writer s Digest editors including a couple of types of each. So long as there shall exist by reason of law and custom a social condemnation which in the face of civilisation artificially creates hells on earth and complicates a destiny that is divine with human fatality so long as the three problems of the age the degradation of man by poverty the ruin of woman by starvation and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night introduction facts The definition of introduction is making something known for the first time or formally telling two people who the other person is. For example you are told that he quot served quot as a director not that he quot was quot one and she quot received quot an award not that she quot got quot the award.

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Whether it was a key three against Miami, the iconic game winner against a Tennessee team that he calls The best team we played all year, or a huge assist to Marques Townes against Nevada, Custer had a tendency to find the spotlight. College life wasnt quite the same for Custer when he returned for his redshirt senior season. Overnight, Loyola had become a basketball school. Custer went from being asked in class if he was on the club team or the real team, to having his classmates recognize him as Clayton Custer, Loyola legend. Before , youd walk on campus and everyone would be wearing a Villanova sweatshirt, or a Michigan sweatshirt, Custer remembered. Theyd be wearing any schools logo other than Loyola. After that season, the energy changed. The campus bookstore underwent construction to add more space to sell apparel. During a time in Chicago when the Bulls were struggling, the Bears werent competing in the NFC North, and the Blackhawks werent experiencing as much success as they traditionally did, Loyola became the main attraction not just on campus, but in the city. In a town where the basketball culture reigns supreme, Custer added his own footprint. The tournament run will forever be the defining moment for Custer. The national attention landed him an invite to Chris Pauls Point Guard Academy, workouts with three NBA teams, and ultimately an overseas contract in Poland. However, the experiences leading up to his big moment make the culmination even better. Had he not played up in high school, his recruitment process wouldve likely been entirely different. In a different process, he may have never ended up at Iowa State. Without Iowa State, and Mont Morris, he may not have decided to transfer. Had his best friend not been at Loyola, it may have never been a legitimate option. Each of these singular moments played a role in creating Custers One Shining Moment. The Tennessee shot represents a huge moment in Chicago basketball history, but for Custer, its even more representative of a career marked by big decisions and taking a chance on his own abilities. Very well written Aaron. You might think about trying to get your article placed in one of the two Chicago newspapers Tribune or Sun Times.

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