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And we don't want, ultimately, to protect that thing. Well, this is one of the three, and I'll mention what the other two are. One is the Fugitive Slave Clause, which says that persons held service or labor in one state fleeing to another will be returned. And the other is the Three Fifths Clause that says that slaves will be counted as three note it doesn't say slaves as 3/5 of a person. And all three of those are much misunderstood. The first one is it is too bad it's in there. The second one is to reduce the power of the slaveholders, who were effectively voting for their slaves. And this one is to preserve the slave trade for 20 years, and that's what it does. And, by the way, when the 20 years elapsed, on the day that it elapsed, the slave trade was abolished. HUGH HEWITT: And Larry, I like to point out, this emanates shame. And there it is.

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It doesnt matter how much Strychnine it has in it. Get the idea?I am a PhD cand. in the Netherlands and I was wondering if it is or is not appropriate to buy your advisor a Christmas gift. Especially because the Netherlands scores very low in the corrupt index and it thus might send a wrong message. I know my advisor is a big fan of special beers, so eventually I went to buy him some special beers Value 25 and my girlfriend who knows my advisor baked some muffins. I gave him the beers and muffins and he was happy with it, but needed to make clear that the most important thing is the quality of my work. Just to make clear that the present doesnt make any difference in the hierarchy. So yes, its quite the delicate matter, but hey; a Phd candidate and his/her advisor work very closely for many hours during many years, so I see no harm in showing some thankfulness for that. Interesting!I never even thought about Christmas presents for my supervisors. I feel like this would be considered very weird, like I would try to buy their support. Indeed it seems to be a cultural thing.

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