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Symposium: National evaluation of fitness for practice curricula: Survey of student nurses and midwives competence, self efficacy and support mechanisms, Dundee, Scotland, UK, 01. 05. 2007 04. 05. 2007. data/assets/pdf file/0005/68738/confabstracts. pdfBehr A, Holland K, Johnson M, Lauder W, McKenna E, Porter MA, Rankin J, Roxburgh M, Topping KJ and Watson R 2007 What is the association between four sources of support for students and self reported competency?. RCN annual international nursing research conference 2007. Symposium: National evaluation of fitness for practice curricula: Survey of student nurses and midwives competence, self efficacy and support mechanisms, Dundee, Scotland, 01. 05. 2007 04.

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Like the other types of Curriculum it is important to give emphasis on the Hidden curriculum because it gives a broad category that includes the unrecognized and sometimes unintended knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of a students learning process in schools and classrooms. Hidden curriculum gives a big impact whether a student will make it to the world of work. And todays 21st century is a very challenging century, because people needs to be competent and has a good behavior to fit a very prestigious work place and job. But how can they make it in the future if their hidden curriculum is not implemented well and right?It starts inside the classroom and schools that an individual imagines, foresee, or even create in his mind what s/he might want to be and want to have. Possible selves are representations of the self in the future, including those that are ideal and hoped for as well as those that one does not wish for. In other words they are individuals ideas about what they might become, what they would like to become, and what they are afraid of becoming Markus and Nurius, 1986, p.

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