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Use commas to hug non essential clauses i. e. phrases or words that can be removed from the sentence while retaining clarity. For example, during the companys acquisition phase, expected to last two years, external recruitment will be frozen. The middle clause can be removed and the sentence still makes sense during the companys acquisition phase external recruitment will be frozen Use commas after introductory words such as finally, on the other hand, furthermore. 'Finally, the house build was complete'. Its and its is a common difficult example. Its is the contraction for it is. Only ever use its if you can replace it with it is. This blog post has outlined 21 key ways you can improve your academic writing. This may seem overwhelming but once you start using some of these they become a habit and youre no longer aware.

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5 million or higher as graduates with popular professional degrees though men still earn substantially more. In particular, men with medical, dental, optometry and veterinary degrees have massive earning potentials slightly less than $3. 5 million, while their female counterparts earn roughly $2. 8 million 21 percent less. While women outnumber men at most degree levels, Indiana's public universities still produce more male graduates than female graduates at the doctoral levelapproximately 598 compared to 426 each year see Table 4. The field of choice among women is once again education 23 percent followed by the social sciences 14 percent and arts and humanities 12 percent, which together account for half of all female graduates' doctoral degrees.

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